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The forwarding company Atlant L is one of the leading transport companies, offering transport services in Lipetsk andRussia. Our transport company carries out both intercity freight (Lipetsk, the Lipetsk region) and international freight (Russia, Ukraine, CIS, in near and far-abroad countries).

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AtlantL – transport services

Having a vast experience in organization of cargo transportation behind, the freight forwarding company Atlant L provides freight traffic of any type, with no weight restrictions. The company Atlant L provides an integrated approach to freight and the development of transportational and logistics services. Availability of different types of vehicles allows the freight forwarding company Atlant L to organize cargo delivery in almost any location, as well as significantly reduce the cost of its transportation.

In Atlant L the transit of loads is regulated by a special control group, which can always check up the location of the loaded vehicle at customer’s request. This is especially important underforce majeure conditions or while transporting valuable cargo. In the freight forwarding company Atlant L the logistics department is responsible for preparation of a route.Our specialists work out the best traffic route for cargo transportation to provide its most rapid delivery to the client.

Cargo insurance allows Atlant L customers to protect themselves from the risk of financial loss, which may occur as a result of any unexpected emergency,when in transit. While transporting Atlant Lcompany is responsible for the goods, however, cargo insurance will,in any case, protect you, as it provides you with a reliable financial security in any situation.

Services of the forwarding company Atlant L

The forwarding company Atlant L will carry out any transportational and logistics servicesfor you at the highest professional level, within a reasonable time and a reasonable cost:

Groupage cargo

Groupage cargo – a type of cargo for transportation in consignments of goods,consisting of piece-goodsand packaged cargoin large batches.


Outsize cargo

At the disposal of Atlant L company there are vehicles to transport practically any goods: large-size, outsize loads as well as construction materials


Dangerous goods

Dangerous goods are delivered by the forwarding company Atlant L in accordance with the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods


Cargo insurance

Cargo Insurance will protect you from the risk of financial loss,related to damage or loss of goods while transporting, non-compliance with the deliverydate and other unforeseen dangers.


International road haulage

Atlant L company specializes in international road haulageof package freight and provides a full range of services, related to goods import.

Transportation in Russia

Atlant L company carries out inter-regional transportation of large batches of goods over Russia, using its own duty vehicles


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