Forwarding driver

Full time work of rotational mode
3-6 years of work experience, adriving license category B, C, E

Regional and international cargo delivery
Loading and unloading operations control
Condition control of the entrusted vehicle
Submission and control of transportation documents


  • Diligence, endurance, responsibility
  • Experience in the long-distance haulage
  • Technical competence and an ability to detect and eliminate the defectof the vehicle in transit.
  • Availability of ADRdocuments, a European-standard driving license, an individual medical record.
  • Aforeign passport is desirable.

We offer

  • Employment in a large, stable transportation company, full social package.
  • A large number of business trips.
  • Remuneration of labourranging from 4 rub/km, up to 7 rub/km
  • Business trip expenses are necessarily paid

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