The trend of recent years in the world market is a significant increase in international road haulage. High maneuverability, speed of goods delivery, large freight capacity, lower cost of short-distancetransportation, no doubt, is bringing road haulage in a leading position compared to water- and rail freight.
With its high maneuverability, motor vehicles transport goods directly from the consignor’s warehouse to the consignee’s one, without expensive reloading from one type of transport to another. Due tothe improvement of highways, increase of their capacity, road haulage is faster than water- and railway freight.

Road haulage

Transport in Russia has always occupied a special place, and at the turn of the century we may speak with good reason about its historical role in the development of the Russian state. Throughout our history Russia experienced hard times: revolutions, wars, famine and devastation, years of recovery of the national economy. But history shows that every time the revival of our country began with the development of transport.

Thus, the reliability, flexibility, mobility, high speed of cargo dispatch and goods delivery have turned the scope of road haulage into one of the most dynamically developing sectors of the global economy and the economy of our country.

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