Freight traffic in CIS countries

Freight traffic in CIS countrieshas gained its popularity among businessmen of different levels. Of course, the Commonwealth of Independent States is a huge economic zone, which can be used to implement various business ideas. Since the Russian Federation exceeds Europe in size, freight in CIS countries is a bit different from the freight in Europe.

Undoubtedly, after the Soviet Union collapse, all former members had to build their trade and economic relations from the very beginning. In this respect, a number of problems still exist, however, it is possible to work with the vast majority of countries, and entrepreneurssuccessfully do it,using trucking in CIScountries.

Atlant L company is actively working in the field of road haulage in the countries of the Commonwealth, as the demand for such services is growing every year. Our experts are ready to offer assistance in fast and safe delivery of cargoes in any CIS country.

It is possible to achieve great success in businesswith the CIS countries, only having a reliable supply of goods and well-coordinated work of all participants of transportation process. Logistic specialists in our company are one of the most important links, as they elaborate transportations, and success of transportationin CIS countriesdepends on their professionalism.

Taking into account the consignee’s location, cargo characteristics and quantities etc., the experts of Atlant L company will agree the best type of vehicle, for each particular case. For instance, regarding perishable products, special vehicles, equipped with refrigeration units, can be used. Therefrigeratorscanmaintainastabletemperature.

Our experts can also deal with customs clearance, on request. Cargo transportation in the CIS must be properly documented, proven by supporting documents. The customer can relax, if professionals get into action.

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