Modern logistics and transportation

Cargo transportation is an integral part of the modern world. Thanks to this service, it is possible to easily make commercial deals and transport goods at any distance. This, in its turn, enables to develop economic relations and positively influence the welfare growth of the whole country. Cargo transportation can be on one of the three administrative levels: city, regional or international level. At the same time, many companies are engaged in transportation of goods and freight price can be all different.

Lately, the development of cargo transportation does not stop. This is especially observed in the Russian market. The only drawback of the Russian freight market is a weak capacity of the transport infrastructure. If we make cargo transportationstatisticover the year 2007, it will show the service was demanded in all regions of the country. Different companies, which carried out affordable trucking, entered the market. Some companies overpriced cargo transportation, but performed high level services. In the same 2007, the competition between transport companies has greatly increased. To survive in the competition, many self-respecting companies started to work on the quality of services provided.

High competition in the freight market continues to the present day. New transport companies and delivery services are constantly being created. Everyone wants to stay on the market and possibly gain over the customers. The greatest competition can be observed in the field of freight traffic. Most of the companies try to transport cargo by motor vehicles, but not everyone turns to provide this service professionally. In this regard, the flow of the company’ customers falls and the price of cargo transportation can also decrease. Such emergency downward price movements do not help. As a result, suchcompanies close, and only true professionals, who are able to provide quality services at a reasonable price, remain onthe market.
It is possible to keep the company in the freight market only by providing professional services, taking into account all the European and international standards.

We provide groupage international transportation of goods, which allows our customers to significantly simplify the process and shift the solutions ofquestions of international cargotransportation to professionals with the years of experience.

Our experts aim to give the most rapid response to all inquiries, questions, problems, and data, information and documentsexchange. One of the main points in the work of our employees is timeliness and fulltransfer of information, since specific features of our work do not allow to showtardiness and important data loss.

More over our company offers its customers a cargo insurance service. The insurance procedure is very simple and does not take much time.
Cargo insurance en route, will protect you from the risks, that can suddenly arise due to unforeseen circumstances, that no one can predict.
Entrusting the implementation of international and long-distance freight to the transport company Atlant L, you prioritize quality!

We provide a full range
of services

taking into account cargo specific features, and offer the most convenient and beneficial terms for cooperation.