A prudent company! Cargo delivery in time! Only positive impressions while cooperation. Special thanks to Veronica, a competent, responsible manager.

Logistical manager, IP Vlasov Andrey Nikolaevich

Worked while Lipetsk -Pechory cargo shipping, Order №2664 underdate of 08/23/16. All the conditions of the client’s requestwere fulfilled. Payment without delay. Thank you very much. Good luck!!! Special thanks to Veronica!

Logistical manager, IP Kostyuk Igor Viktorovich

We have worked several times. Only pleasant impressions.True professionals. Special thanks to Veronica and Dennis

Kochkina Victoria Y
Logistical manager, UNION 3, Ltd

An excellent company! Special thanks to Veronica Sazonova for professional work! They pay very fast! Looking forward to further cooperation.

Bogdanov Sergey
Logistical manager, VIKING Ltd

An excellent carrier! We have worked more than once, always up to the mark! Worth cooperating! Special thanks to Veronica Sazonova!!!

Petrov Alexander Vladimirovich
Director, SPRINTER Ltd

OOO Global Fud Servis has a long-term cooperation with OOO Atlant L in terms of business operations in the field of transportation. OOO Atlant L demonstrates a high level of competence, focuses on high quality standards and has established itself as a reliable partner, always complying with treaty obligations.

Kutashina K.S.
Manager, Global Food Service Ltd

Good day!
Working with professionals is always very pleasant, and Elena Gurieva is a great professional. She is always attentive and diligent in her work. She strictly keeps to the confirmed schedule and is ready to help in case of urgent supply.
Thank you for your excellent work!

Eremina Anastasia and Ermakova Lily
Customer care managers, Bekart Lipetsk Ltd

OOO Atlant L is our partner in the field of transportation. While cooperating with the company Atlant L, represented by the logistical manager Irene Kalugina, the company confirmed its high professional status, competence and activity in achieving goals. All cargo trafficsare carried out on time, on strictly stipulated date and with proper quality. All employees competently cope with their responsibilities.
We are satisfied with the works of Atlant L and are willing to recommend it as a reliable and responsible partner.

Mesnyankin Nikolai
Logistical manager, Bina Kemikal Ltd

Letter of recommendation
We inform you that we have been working with the staff of Atlant L company (Lipetsk) for 6 years. During this time period, they have proven themselves as reliable carriers and freight forwarders to execute our orders for goods trafficby road.

Shilinchuk A V
Deputy General Directorfor forwarding, TRASKO Ltd
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