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Thegreat demand for such type of insurance services as cargo insurance, is determined by high insurance culture of customers. In Russia, many clients of transport companies believe that nothing can happen with carried goods, and if it happens, the damage will be reimbursed by the carrier. However, the carrier is responsible for the damage of cargo only if its guilt is proven.

In recent years, due to the increased volume of international transportation and the growth of insurance culture, cargo owners use cargo insurance servicesmore and more often. Positive trends affected not only the sphere of international transportation,in case of which goods insurance is included in the contract for services, but also domestic freight in Russia, where household appliances, electronics, automobiles, mobile phones and other types of cargo areoftenbeing insured.

Insurance companies are sensitive to customers’ demands and offer a variety of cargo insurance programs, designed to meet virtually all customer requirements – the operative clause, specific features of cargo, ahaul route, a type of transport, a need for handling and storage of cargo at intermediate points, and other conditions of transportation.
Currently, almost every cargo is insured against all types of risks.

The forwarding company Atlant L has contracts with foreign and domestic insurance companies, which allows itto insure your cargo under terms of the contract on the forwarding services. Cargo Insurance will protect you from the risk of financial loss,connected to damage or loss of goods during transportation, non-compliance with terms of delivery and other unforeseen dangers.

The cost of freight insurance services is determined individually and depends on certain parameters – the nature of cargo, a haul route, a type of transport, cargo value. Though, this is not an exhaustive list of factors, considered by insurance companies in the process of estimating their tariff rates.

In case of high crime rates in certain regions, where the haul route lies, the cost of cargo insurance can significantly change. Insurance companies offer a large selection of various cargo security programs, so you can choose an option,suitable by the cost of insurance and the level of insurance coverage. The insurance contract also covers special conditions that determine the contraction or expansion of the insurer’s liability, an insurance period and other important factors, depending on customer’s request. By agreement of the parties, goods can be insured on other terms, including additional risks. The experience of other property insurance, as well as international practice of cargo insurancecan be used in this case.

The forwarding company Atlant L not only cares for goods safety, but also values time and customers trust.

Types of insurance

  • Direct cargo insurance (damage, theft, etc.);
  • a forwarder’s liability insurance;
  • a carrier’s liability insurance;
  • CMR insurance.

Cargo can be insured throughout the journey:
from the moment of goods delivery by a consignor to the receipt of cargo by a consignee.
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