Dangerous goods

Dangerous goods are delivered by the forwarding company Atlant L, in accordance with the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR), applicable from 1 July 2001, according to contract or other legal basis.

Transportation of dangerous goods, performed by the forwarding company Atlant-L, is carried out by road rolling stock, which has all the necessary licenses and approvals, fit with appropriate equipment and additional protection means. A special training for drivers and maintenance staff is an important point in organization of en-route traffic of dangerous goods. The drivers, carrying out transportation of dangerous goods, have been trained in accordance with the requirements of the international transportation of dangerous goods (ADR).
Effective implementation of organizational and technical measures, to ensure the safety of the transportation of dangerous goods, is largely determined by drivers’ clear and correct actions and maintenance staff, as well as employees, responsible for freight supervision.

Ordering the service ofdangerous goods transportation in the forwarding company Atlant L, you can be confident of delivery safety.

There exist the following features of the transportation of dangerous goods:

All routes of dangerous goods transportation,performed by the forwarding company Atlant L, are agreed with the traffic police departments in our regionif the traffic routelies within the Lipetsk region, Lipetskcity. When following the traffic route, lying within another city, it is agreed with a department of State Traffic Safety Inspectorate (STSI), Ministry of Internal Affairs, Main Directorate of Internal Affairs,Internal Affairs Directorate of the city.

Forthe approval of the route of transportation of dangerous goods byState Traffic Safety Inspectorate, a certificate on the admission of the vehicle for the carriage of dangerous goods, an elaboratedon the form itinerary are provided. These documents are submitted not later than 10 days prior to the transportation. The duration of validity of the agreed route is established specifically for each type of dangerous goods, but as a rule, not longer than 6 months.

While selecting a route for the transportation of dangerous goods, logistics managers of Atlant L company try to avoid laying a route through large population centres, if possible arrange by-pass routes,to avoid large industrial facilities of the national economy, taking extra precautions. Architectural monuments and natural reserves are particular objects of concern, so while developing a route of the transportation of dangerous goodsour logistics managers try to exclude vehicles’ passing through these areas.

A vehicle for the transportation of dangerous goods must be ordered in advance (usually 2-3 week days before the date of the intended transportation).

For the transportation of dangerous goods it is necessary to prepare transport emergency cards, which are prepared on the basis of Material Safety Data Sheet, as well as route sheets, which indicate the routes of transportation of dangerous goods. The driver must strictly adhere to the routes, specified in the itinerary.

It is necessary to prepare forwardingdocuments for transportation of dangerous goods: certificates, Material Safety Data Sheet, consignment voucher, invoices. As a rule, registration and approval of the route for transportation of dangerous goods takes 3-5 days.

While transporting dangerous goods, speed limits must be observed, so high-speed transportation of ADR cargo is not allowed.

Some groups of dangerous goods are permitted for joint transportation.

While loading, unloading and transporting dangerous goods, a driver is a person in charge, thus, he has the right not to accept ADR goods for transportation, if the forwardingdocumentation is wrong or misspelled, the rules on dangerous goods transportation were violated, containers were damaged or deformed.

Transport and accompanying documentation

Atlant L company provides all forwardingdocumentation, covering all the stages of transportation process, providing a precise implementation of commercial operationswhile transporting dangerous goods: an invoice, a waybill, the certificate (of preliminary work for the transportation of dangerous goods), the certificate of the vehicle operator ‘s admission to carrying dangerous goods, certificate of the admission of the vehicle for carrying dangerous goods (correspondanceof thevehicle technical state to the requirements of traffic rules and the rules of transportation of dangerous goods), ADR emergency and information cards.

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