Groupage cargo

In recent years, more and more companies and private individuals require the organization of transportation of small consignments. It is irrational,in most cases, to order a separate vehicle. Groupage cargo is the optimal solution.
Groupage cargo — is a type of cargo for transportation in consignments of goods,consisting ofpiece-goods and packaged cargo.
Groupage cargo — Consolidated transportation is a carriage of outsize cargos of different customers in the same direction on the same vehicle. The main advantages, typical for this transportation of cargo, are low price and convenience of transportation. Telling economy,while transporting of cargo, is obtained by the most efficient use of the vehicle’s space.

Groupage cargo transportation technology

Transportation of goods from different consignors requires preliminary preparation and is carried out in a longer period, as compared to transportation of large quantities of goods. A key link in the chain of transportation of groupage cargo is consolidation of small lots of several consignors on a special depot. Consolidation depot serves as a starting point for regular transportation of cargo on the predetermined route. Time of delivery in this case varies, depending on the time, spent for batching, route following and other factors. Not every transport company carries out groupage cargo transportation in Russia. This service is performed only by large companies, which receive a large number of orders for transportation of small batches and make regular hauls on various routes. Only under these conditions, the transport company will be able to watch over the client’s interests,to carry out groupage cargo tansportation over Russia and not to work at a loss.

Delivery of groupage cargo is one of the areas of activity of the forwarding company Atlant L.

Groupage cargo transportation is provided by Atlant L company, using our own fleet of vehicles. Depending on the specific conditions of each cargo transportation, the goods can be sent first to our company’s consolidation warehouse “Terminal” and only then, after consolidatingtheconsignment, is loaded into a vehicle. There are some delivery options possible. The cargo can be delivered either directly to the consignee, or to the transport company warehouse in the region. On request, the client is allowed to transport cargo to the warehouse or from it. The total cost of delivery depends on this. There are the following supply chains: “door-to-door”, “door-to-warehouse”, “warehouse-to-warehouse”, “warehouse-to-door.” You can get a detailed consultation from Atlant L company experts. If necessary, our company issues all the necessary documents and insures the goods.

Delivery of goods in Lipetsk, Voronezh, Moscow, from theconsignor’s door to our warehouse is carried out by forwarding drivers, that allows Atlant L customers to completely avoid solving unnecessary questions, related to transportation. The use of any vehicle of any cargo capacity in the forwarding company Atlant L own fleet, allows to organize transportation of cargoin Lipetsk, the Lipetsk region, Moscow and Voronezh quickly, efficiently and at the lowest rates. Information about free vehicles available in these areas, helps to reduce freight costs.

The forwarding company Atlant L provides:

  • transportation of piece freight from the consignor’s warehouse to the consolidation warehouse for batching;
  • processing of the load on the consolidation warehouse “Terminal”, which may include an additional packaging, use of containers, labeling, sorting, inventory control etc .;
  • availability of additional packaging of goods, using of fiberboard, chipboard, cardboard paper, shipping skids;
  • preparation of forwarding documents;
  • freight traffic of groupagecargo to the destination;
  • delivery of piece freightto the addressspecified;
  • security escort of goods in transit;
  • cargo insurance;
  • rescheduling of payments for long-term customers.

Groupage cargocarriage is regulated by:

    • the Charter of motor transport (dated November 8, 2007 N 259-FZ) [1];
    • Law on shipping and forwarding operations (dated June 30, 2003 N 87-FZ) [2];
    • RF Government Decree, dated September 8, 2006 N 554 “Concerning approval of regulations of shipping and forwarding operations”;
    • Order of RF Ministry of Transportation, dated February 11, 2008 N 23 “Concerning approval of the procedural formalities and the form of forwarding documents.”

Saving our clients’ time and money is an important factor, Atlant L company takes into account. Mutually-beneficial offers of our freight forwarding company are: low cost, fast delivery of groupage cargo, service quality guarantee.

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