International road haulage

International transportation of groupage cargo and packaged-freight containers

The forwarding company Atlant L, in the framework of the Russian legislation and the rules of international trade and transport law, provides international cargo transportation from the exporter’s country to the importer’s one, together with cost and time optimization. Meanwhile, in accordance with the client’s specific needs, Atlant L company serves as a separate element in the chain of logistics activities (e.g. onlyimplementation of cargo delivery from Italy), and a full range of services for import of goods into the Russian Federation.
Our company uses only new foreign-production rolling stock and interacts with international agents, with an impeccable reputation to guarantee maximum reliability of cargo transportation.

Atlant L company specializes in not just international freight trafficof packaged-freight containers and groupage cargo, but alsoin providing a full range of services related to import of goods, for their legitimate economic use on the territory of an importing country.

It is difficult to single out any specialization, while considering the range of products the company operates. It can be both consumer goods (FMCG): clothing (men, women, children, special), footwear, utensils, souvenirs, sporting goods, and capital goods (B2B segment): components and consumables, machines and equipment for various industries and spheres of application, electronic components etc.

Technical equipment and the availability of developed routes allow us to implement international transportation of any objects, including outsized cargo (construction and agricultural machinery, industrial equipment). The forwarding company Atlant L is capable to transfer the goods, including groupage cargo, requiring certain temperature conditions. Delivery of objects, prohibited for freight traffic, is not carried out.

The following parameters affect the choice of the vehicle: cargo characteristics (weight, size), the transportation conditions (maintenance of temperature, placing in the vehicle, useable shelf life), the distance from the departure place to the final destination, the urgency of delivery.

The forwarding company Atlant L has been working in the field of international import / export cargo transportation since 1998.

For international freight Atlant L company primarily assesses characteristics of the delivery object, discusses with the client the way of transportation,prepares an itinerary, choosing the best way of delivery to the client’s terminal or warehouse (for example, outsized cargo transportation includes the calculation of road capacity, equipment of vehicle with special signs), calculates the cost of international transportation. Finally the parties contract to perform international cargo transportation (preparation of loading plans included,with subsequentagreementwith the client).

Ordering of international cargo transportation takes place 10 days before its implementation. Atlant L company monitors cargo integrity and compliance with the terms of the contract, insures thecargo. The competence of our company also includes the organization of certification and import customs clearance of goods, transportation of goods within a framework of the internal customs transit procedure, the organization of cargo handling operations, transportation of imported goods within the Russian Federation.

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