Outsize cargo

Based on the experience of developed technologies implementation, currently,new ways and means have been created to carry out transportational and handling operations with monocargo of 1000, 1300 and moretonnes. There is a concept of large-sized heavy cargoin each type of transport,that is connected to peculiarities and carrying capacity of the rolling stock, used for transportation of specific size and weight cargo, as well as the safety of transportation process.

A vehicle, with or without cargo, is considered a heavyweight if its mass exceeds the parameters of at least one of the following indicators: in axial load, i.e. the rolling load, transmittedbya single or most loaded axle to the road), and in total actual weight of 52 tonnes(Group A), 34 tonnes(on group B) and 30 tonnes, while driving on bridges, flyovers and overbridges.

When transporting large-sized and outsize cargo at any distance, itis very important to correctly and competently organize its transportation. Depending on type of cargo you need to transfer,we select appropriate trucks and special-purpose machinery,if needed. Only a company with an extensive fleet of vehicles and specialized equipment is capable to organize the transportation of outsize and large-sized cargo (construction and agricultural machinery (tractors, harvesters), industrial machinery (crane trucks, grabbing excavators), special-purposeequipment (wagons, earthmovers, excavators); water-sports equipment (yachts, motor boats), and many other goods), with high quality, and what is most important,at earliest possible date.

The major new technological solutions, developed and implemented in the practice of transportation of large-sized and outsize cargo transportation, used by Atlant Lcompany, include large-scale implementation of non-cranehandling operations. Efficient methods for the calculation of traffic roads allow Atlant Lcompany to widely use winter roads, dirt roads. Using information storage and retrieval systemsfor finding optimal routes can reduce travel time. Experts of Atlant L company reduce the degree of asymmetrical oversize cargo through the use of allowable rates of center-of-gravity shift, instrumentally determine the actual weight of large-sized cargo and the position of gravitycenters, thus, base the optimal redistribution of loads on the conveyors, use the technology of transportation in extreme conditions.

Highly qualified specialists of freight the forwarding companyAtlant L having the necessary knowledge and skills to carry out transportation of large-sized and outsize cargo, both in Russia and abroad, go to the client for a detailed examination of items, which will be transported. Our experts operate according to the instructions on road haulageof oversized and heavy loads, regulating cargo transportation by vehicles, dimensions and weight parameters of which (with or without cargo) exceed the value, set by the state standards.

Motor vehicles for oversized cargo transportation

At the disposal of Atlant L company there are trucks available to transport virtually any goods. Large, oversized and outsize cargo, as well as construction materials and other heavy loads will becarefully and efficientlytransported to the final destination. Large-sized and outsize cargo transportation is carried out using specialized vehicles, adapted for the transportation of non-standard size and weight items. The organization and transportation of oversized, outsize and heavy cargo begins with the selection of method of conveyance, route determination,agreement of optionsselected with the client. The deal is confirmed in the contract which includes the delivery plan, implemented in compliance with characteristics of the objectstransported (weight, volume, storage conditions, etc.); length of haul; the desirable date of delivery; implementation plan for efficient and safe cargo-handling operations; registration of insurance; the deliveryof batches of oversized cargo, outsize cargo, with the organization of its security.

Transportation of outsize cargo is carried out by the forwarding company Atlant L according to the “Instructions for road haulage of oversized and heavy cargo transportation on the roads of the Russian Federation.”

Transportation of non-standard items

OOO Atlant L uses road haulage for transportation of non-standard items, which often represent bulky or heavy objects. For that, a strengthened low-frame vehicle is used.

Acts and Documents

The forwarding company Atlant L carries out transportation of both outsize cargo and bulky cargo in Lipetsk city, the Lipetsk region, in any region of Russia. We offerinternational transportation of goods with non-standard characteristics in Europe, Asia, the Caucasus, the Baltic states as well. Each transit of bulky cargo is supported by relevant documents and carried out in full compliance with the relevant norms of Russian and international legislation.

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