Transportation in Russia

Our own fleet of heavy trucks

Availability of our own fleet of heavy trucks, consisting of the latest European machinery, as well as our own production base, allows Atlant L company to organize cargo delivery to almost any location in Russia, significantly reducing the cost of transportation, to solve customers’ traffic issues as quickly as possible.

Special control service of the freight forwarding company Atlant L, with the help of the latest technical equipment, monitorscargo transition in Russia, so, you can always inquire,where the loaded vehicle is. It is especially important while transporting high-value goods, outsize cargo or dangerous goods.

Logistics department specialists are engaged in the development of an itinerary for the transport of cargo in Lipetsk and other cities of Russia. At the highest professional level, they develop the most appropriate route for cargo transportation, and its quickest delivery to the client, without violating cargo transportation rules.

Rules of transportation in the Russian Federation are approved at the federal level, and there are such terms for certain types of goods and transportation:

  • rules for fright traffic of dangerous goods
  • rules for transportation of outsize cargo
  • transportation planning rules
  • regulations for transportation of fire goods
  • regulations for transportation of loose goods
  • international rules of transportation etc.

An integrated approach to customer’s needs allows Atlant L company to develop an individual traffic diagram of inter-regional transportation in Russia, which optimally combines all the factors – reliability, delivery time and cost of transportation.

Our company carries out inter-regional transportationof consolidated consignments in Russia, with full cargo capacity usage of our own duty vehicles, pre-consolidating loads in collecting centres and subdividing them in places of distribution, delivering small batches to consignees.

Atlant L company pays a close attention to development of specialoffers, taking into account the customer’s requirements,providing a full range of transportational and logistics services. An integrated approach to customer’s requirements allows to developan individual traffic diagram of inter-regional transportation in Russia, combining reliability, delivery time, cost of transportation

The freight forwarding company Atlant L makes a service contract withits clients, all inter-regionaltransportations in Russia are official, they are displayed in the accounting records and are the basis for justification of client’s expenses. Each inter-regional transportation is supported with a full package of forwarding documents, which is available to the client.

Cargo vehicles for transportation are supplied on the basis of jointly agreed traffic schedule, or single applications.

All company vehicles passed the technical and transport control,and for each haul have the required permissions, passes, correspondence to health and environmental requirements.

All company vehicles are equipped with a satellite monitoring system, it allows to fully control the transport operation and ensure goods safety.

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