We transport dangerous goods

Very often the production facilities face with the following problem: it is necessary to transport potentially hazardous materials (explosives, chemical, toxic, etc.). These loads are called dangerous, and they are determined that way, if they are able to harm the environment and human health. For cargo transportation of that type, it is necessary to create all conditions, related to the safety and reliability of transportation, and to involve the staff, which is able to ensure secure transit of such goods.

All dangerous goods are divided into several groups, and the criteria for the division are different characteristics of the materials (of chemical and physical nature), as well as the impact of these materials on the environment and people. The requirements, related to freight, are determined in accordance with the group. Transportation of dangerous goods requires more advertency from the staff, which is involved in this work – because the slightest indiscretion can lead to environmental problems or, what is more, to human victims.

That is why, the best solution in the situation, when it is necessary to transport dangerous goods, is to order services in a specialized company, that is able to provide services for the transportation of dangerous materials and complex cargo, as well as special vehicles for transportation and highly qualified staff. Our company has all the necessary equipment for the transportation of dangerous goods, and our experts have relevant work experience.
While transporting dangerous goods, our experts will take into account all the details, including the following:

  • Deliberate attention is paid to the packaging, used for transportation of dangerous goods. It should be free of cracks, damages and other potentially dangerous violations of air-tightness;
  • The safety measures, associated with the carriage of a particular type of cargo, are observed; and they are observed not only while transporting, but also during goods loading and unloading (Some hazardous goods mustn’t bejolted or abruptly moved);
  • The staff, working with cargo, is provided with the necessary means of protection and high-quality work clothing;
  • the necessary documents are prepared for the cargo

In short, the transportation of dangerous goods, provided by Atlant L company is the actual solution of the problems, connected with the transportation of goods of this type!

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