What determines the cost of transportation?

Each customer, orderingcargo traffic, would like to work with professionals, that is, with a well-functioning transport and logistics company, offering quality services at an affordable price. The choice of acargo carrier should be approached very seriously, because later the speed of delivery, cargo safety and business development, in general, will depend on it.

Unfortunately, there are cases when the customer pays attention only to the cost of services, forgetting the other important details, such as the secure organization of handling works or transportation. There are transport companies which make discounts to customers, but too low cost of transportation should cause concern. For example, some carriers significantly overprize the services first, in order to make a big discount later.

Of course, low cost of transportation could be due to a lack of a good vehicle fleet, weak professional competence of the staff, as well as some other factors. Old trucks and unprofessional employees can lead to very unpleasant consequences for the client, such as damage of the cargo or to its loss.

Sometimes, at first glance, the low cost of cargo transportation means that the agreement does not include important related services. Afterwards, the customer has to pay much more than the initial amount, agreed with a transport company specialist. It is necessary to carefully study the contract, submitted for signing. All services must be included in the contract, not only transportation.

The cost of transportation depends on the delivery speed as well. So, as a rule, clients have to pay much more for urgent delivery. That’s why, if you want to save money, try to plan cargo transportationin advance. The point is, it takes time to work out a logistics scheme of transportation.
It is very important not just to find a carrier and a customs clearance agent at affordable rates, but also a reliable partner company which will take over the issues of goods safety and delivery deadline.
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To employ Atlant L services, contact our specialists by phone or leave a request on the website. The cost of delivery is calculated by our managers individually for each client, and the rate will depend on all the parameters and characteristics of goods, such as weight and volume of the cargo, as well as a country and a city of departure.

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